Brooke Hamilton

A designer by trade and fertility patient by circumstance, I create planners and worksheets that empower women to own their fertility journey. Fertility treatments are daunting and it often feels like things are out of your control. Tracking oral medications, injections, and appointments can be overwhelming. Plan what you can.

Going through cycles of Clomid, multiple IUIs, two IVF cycles, many embryo transfers, and numerous other procedures myself, I needed a way to keep everything in order and why I created the Fertility in Focus planner. It provides a place to keep all fertility-related information in one place—consultation notes, medication lists, monitoring statistics, transfer details, and more.

I've leveraged my experience both as a professional designer and an IVF patient to create a planner that is thoughtful and thorough for women undergoing fertility treatment. Feedback from real women going through IVF was incorporated using a participatory design approach. It is my hope that this planner brings other women as much sanity as it's brought me.

Proceeds from planner sales go towards our IVF cycle. Thank you for your support!

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