2018 – 2019 IVF Got This! Planner

SIZE 7″ x 8.5″
PAPER 100# white text, 14pt. cover
  • Monthly Layouts
  • Weekly Layouts
  • Consultation Notes
  • Medication & Monitoring
  • Procedure Notes & Glossary
  • Lunar Calendar
  • 2018 & 2019 Yearly Layouts
  • US Holidays & Important Dates
BINDING Gold plastic coil
DATE RANGE July 2018 – June 2019
PRICE $25.00

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The Fertility in Focus planner is a purposefully-designed planner for women going through fertility treatments. It offers you a place to keep everything together and organize your IVF process. Each planner has enough pages for one egg retrieval, four transfers, and four procedures (HSG, endo scratch, hysteroscopy, etc.)


Each monthly layout comes with a space to write in your cycle day so you always know where you’re at. A section for notes and to-do list is included as well as a lunar calendar.


Weeks are open without time constraints, but the days are split into three sections. This lets you track what you want—like oral medications, injections, and appointments. Or, easily track your basal body temperature, ovulation predictor kits, workouts, meals, gratitude, etc. Each day of the week is given the same amount of space so you can easily see your week at a glance. Again, a place for cycle day, notes, and a to-do list is included. Weekly layouts use a Monday start so weekend days are kept together.


Medications and dosages can be overwhelming. We’ve included a place to keep track of them all. A monitoring page lets you track your progress pre-retrieval or pre-transfer. Tips for filling a syringe will help you get those injections just right.


We’ve included a space to list any procedures you’re undergoing throughout your fertility treatments. A procedure glossary is incorporated too. NEW! A list of acronyms and abbreviations have been added.


Considering a couple different clinics? Our consultation sheets let you take note of everything you learn in your fertility consultations. Two full pages for notes are included.